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Overview of 7th/8th Grade Girls Lacrosse Program - 2021
by posted 03/03/2021

Overview of 7th/8th Grade Girls Lacrosse Program - 2021


Hi everyone-

I’m so happy to write that we are having a lacrosse program this upcoming spring.  We were all heartbroken last year when it was cancelled but it was definitely the appropriate thing to do. The purpose of this email is to provide an update on our program for the spring including our COVID protocols that will be required.  Please reach out to me with any questions on anything.  



I’m happy to let you all know that Melissa O’Mara is returning to coach the girls.  Melissa is now a pre-med senior at Manhattanville and captain of that team.  I will be working with her in addition to Bill Edson.  If other parents want to assist, please reach out to me...we will put you to work!  


Registration is now open and will close on April 5th.  Once it is closed, it is closed.  If you miss the boat, it’s a huge pain for our registrar to re-open it.  So if your daughter is playing, please register now.  The refund policy is on the website.  You can also register there.


If you paid last year and rolled it over, please don’t pay again.  If you don’t know if you prepaid, please let Sage Edson, our team manager, know and she can look it up for you.  

Start & End

We received permission to start our season the week of April 5th.  We will open in a limited fashion as CCSD is only opening the turf fields on April 5th.  They will open the grass fields on April 15th.


We are targeting to end on Saturday June 5th.  We don’t know if we’re having GYL Day like in previous years.



We will play on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturdays.  On Tuesdays and Thursday will never start before 6.  Tuesdays after the first 2 weeks we will practice at the new Bell field.  On Thursdays, we might start later at times and do double headers as we have access to Field C (new turf) that evening.  


During the 1st 2 weeks of play, we will have the below schedule:

  • April 6th & April 13th - Field C (new turf) at 6pm - 7:15pm

  • April 8th & April 15th - Field C (new turf) at 7:30pm - 8:45pm

    • Note: We might also practice on Saturday the 10th in the afternoon.


When the regular season starts, Saturday game times will be spread a bit throughout the day but many will be in the morning at around 8am.  Our home games will either be on the main turf field or 7B lower. 


The schedule for games is being worked on and will be published by the end of the month.  Sage is crushing it on what is probably the most complicated scheduling that has ever been done due to the unprecedented situation we are in.  Expect changes to the game schedule during the season due to COVID.  


Most jamborees have been cancelled this year but think we have the chance to go to 2.  



We want everyone to be able to play lacrosse and have them love it.  We expect to have a few new players, very experienced players, and players who haven’t picked up a stick in 2 years.  Regardless, we want everyone to have the opportunity to play and to be part of a fun team.  While we have probably the most talented 7/8 Greeley team ever, we aren’t a club team.   


We will not be doing cuts or placement on an “A” or “B” level team.  We want to remove any stress from an already stressful life and just want the girls to be able to play with their friends.  During practices we will most likely group them with like skilled players so that everyone gets better and learns.  Drills will be adapted based on the group.  


Once registration is closed (on April 5th) and we have a practice or 2 down, we will create balanced squads.  We think we will have an Orange, Blue, and White squad.  The groups will cross-pollinate to create a team for a game.  We have no idea how many girls we will have yet so we will have to wait to make the squads.  


Please don’t request to be with someone else as it makes it more complicated.  The only request I’ll take is if the players share the same last name AND they want to be together.  


Note: If we do have a game where we know we are playing against an all “A” type team, we will move the girls around to form a more competitive game.  We will of course make sure those players impacted are placed in a game suited to their level to make up for it.  


Regarding playing time, if your daughter is rostered for a game, she will play.  The playing time will be determined by so many factors.  They include:

  • Cultural contribution to the team

  • Effort shown at practice

  • Roster size for the game

  • Competitiveness of the game

  • Attendance at practice

  • Skill level


You’ll notice that cultural contribution is the first item.  That is not to be taken lightly.  We aim to build a positive team culture for everyone.  Those that contribute to being an exceptional team member and works super hard at practices will be rewarded.  Skill level is important, but if that player doesn’t play as a good teammate and/or doesn’t come to practices to be part of the team, it will impact their playing time.  


We are not ordering jerseys this year and the girls will go with the pinnies or jerseys from last year.  If your daughter doesn’t have one, we will try and order her a pinny.  Pinnies are also required at practice.  It doesn’t matter which year it’s from.  


COVID Considerations:

  • We are working on an electronic method for you to record the symptoms for your daughter before each event.  This will be required and your daughter will not be allowed on the field without you recording this.  

  • Masks will be required by players, coaches, and spectators at all times.  

  • We will need a chaperone for each event that will be responsible for recording attendance which is required by the Westchester DOH. This attendance sheet will need to be provided to me at the end of practice/games so that we can keep it on file in case of a positive test result.

    • We will set up a sign-up genius for each parent to take a practice throughout the season.

  • RSVP within the electronic system will be required too.

  • As of now, only the home team can have spectators and that is limited to 2 per athlete.

    • For away games, we will try and figure out a way to live stream the game by having a parent volunteer come and stream it.  We have a few weeks to figure this out.  

  • If your daughter travels to a high risk area, they must be cleared following the CDC and DOH guidelines in order to participate in our team events.



As in past years, we ask that if you have a concern about the program during the season, you wait 24 hours after the event to bring it to me.  Sometimes better perspective can be gained by waiting some time to gather thoughts.  If escalation is required, Tom Hiebert is the GYL president.  His information can be found on our website.


Modified Lacrosse:

Modified football was approved this week to take place and start on 3/15 and ends on 4/23.  That was a big step in allowing there to be modified lacrosse in the spring.  No decision has been made and won’t be for a few weeks at least.


We should expect that if it does happen, it would start about a week or two after the HS teams can start.  That date is April 19th, so expect that to go from late April till early June.  Modified lacrosse meets almost every weekday.  There are no events on the weekends for modified.


As a parent, I have concerns over playing too much.  I want Lilah to not get burnt out and to love playing.  Playing everyday and sometimes twice can be rough.  If Melissa and I see the girls getting too tired from playing too much or stressed out, we will cancel practices.  Also, once we get the modified schedule of games (if games happen), we will adjust the schedule.  


If anyone has questions about the upcoming spring season, please reach out to me.  I’m usually pretty quick to respond.



Stu Tainsky (


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